Frequently Asked Questions

Recently Eagles’ Wings Travel was contacted by our third-party credit card processor, notifying us they had an issue on their end processing recent payments for some of our upcoming trips. They informed us that those affected will be issued refunds and will need to resubmit payment. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding this.


1.  Has my data been compromised?  

No, there has been no security breach or data compromised. This was simply an issue with the credit card processor not processing the payment and instead refunding it.


2.  Has my trip been canceled? 

No, your trip has not been canceled. As soon as we get this payment resubmitted, there will be no impact on your trip.


3.  What happened? 

The credit card processor, one of the largest in the country, experienced an issue on their end processing your payment. They refunded the money back to your account, and you can resubmit the payment using the same card on our secure platform, which will resolve the issue.


4.  How can I know that this issue will not happen again? 

In light of this issue, we have changed credit card processors, and this should not be an issue again.


5.  How will I know my new payment has been received and processed?     

You will receive an electronic confirmation to the email on file with proof of payment.

6. What about other and/or future payments?

This only applies to certain payments from March 28-April 27 and does not include other past or future payments. These will be processed as usual through your account.

7. How do I make future payments?

To make future payments, you will need to log into the account you created after registration. If you have not created an account yet, you can find the link to create an account at the bottom of your initial confirmation email.   On the confirmation email, scroll to the bottom, click “Create an Account,” and then click “Claim an Account” once the page appears. To set up a login and password, enter the email you used to register and create a password. After completing these steps, you can access your account to make additional payments.

All final payments and monies due will be automatically charged to the credit card on file based on the date listed in the “Terms and Conditions” for your trip.


If you have further questions, please reach out to your tour contact or the Eagles’ Wings Travel team at 716-759-1058 x.187 or [email protected].

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